“Pop” Goes My Ankle

by meganjazelle

Spring Break is usually a time of relaxation. Funny how just one “pop” can totally bring a change of plans.

I made the mistake of not watching where I was walking and fell down four steps. As a friend said, I took Spring Break a little too seriously. I don’t really know what happened, but I do know I relaxed and didn’t fight the fall. I also made sure the cat I was carrying (Sewie) wasn’t pinned to my body and I let him gracefully leap out of  my arms. I landed with a plop and heard the distinct popping noise. Immediately there was pain and I knew something was wrong with my left ankle.

Six hours after my fall, after many hours in the Dothan Emergency Room, I found out that I had fractured my left ankle in two places and severely sprained my right ankle. I would later found out that the bone also chipped off in two places and was now floating freely in my ligaments.


Now I am limited in my mobility and I am confined within the realms of my crutches, a walker, or a wheelchair. It was a very sad realization and my stubborn self wasn’t too accepting in the beginning.

It’s funny though how something as simple as a “pop” can reveal about yourself. I have realized two things that I am not proud of:

1. I am stubborn.

I refused to cry. I refused helped. I refused to follow rules. I just plain refused whatever I felt like refusing.

2. I am prideful.

It’s humbling experience to lose mobility. To need assistance to get into the bathroom, to change clothing, to need help driving, etc.

Now these two things are going to be challenged on a daily basis. I can’t continue being stubborn if I want to heal and continue on with life. I need help and I need to follow the doctors orders… And in doing so, it will be a humbling experience. I will have to get over myself and learn to be humble.

So please pray for me as I deal with these two issues in my life… Also, please pray for healing and no complications from the bone fragments that came off and are now into my ligaments. Thank you!