Jesus. The name above all names.

by meganjazelle

I know that I am covered by the grace of God and in Him there is no condemnation, but still occasionally I have trouble believing it. Times like tonight I find myself crying out “God, I do believe.. Help me overcome my unbelief!”

Thankfully we serve a loving, merciful, and faithful God. He hears our cries and He promises that if we call out to Him and seek Him, He will be found by us (Jeremiah 29:12).

Tonight in a gentle whisper I was reminded that Jesus is the name above all names:


Pride, selfishness, fear, anger, frustration, hurt, impatience, etc

Replace the words with whatever you want… His name is above it. He is above it… And HIS GRACE is SUFFICIENT for you.

In closing I just want to share one more thing. Jesus is the name above all names, but remember there are many names we can call Him by: Redeemer, Prince of Peace, my Healer, mighty Counselor, Saviour, King… The list goes on and on.

Two specifically comforting to me tonight are El Roi and Jehovah Rohi. Be encouraged that we serve El Roi, the God who sees all. Your pain, your suffering, your situation, your past… Everything. Be encouraged that He is also Jehovah Rohi: the good Shepherd. Follow Him, for He promises to lead you in the right direction. He will lead you beside still waters and He will restore your soul. Even in the midst of trials, He’ll be there. The good Shepherd always stays with His sheep. He will care for you and fight for you (Exodus 14:14). Just be still and wait on Him.