You’ll Be Happy and Sad

by meganjazelle

Mandi Howlett, an elementary Education major here at TFC, shared a story while she spoke about her internship. She started it saying “In the end, you will be both happy and sad.” And the story went on like this:

Two men were sent on a journey. They were only given two instructions “walk until night” and “listen to the voice of the Creator.”

The two men set off and walked  a long way until it started to get dark. They decided to stop and rest.

While resting they were quiet and listening to the sounds of the night. Suddenly they heard a voice:
“Reach down and pick up what’s at your feet. Take what you can and continue on your way.”

The men picked up what was at their feet and felt rocks. It was really heavy, but they tried to stuff the bags they had with rocks.

They took some rocks out, to lighten the load, and continued on their way.

When dawn broke, they made it to their destination. The Creator spoke again and said to them “Empty your bags.”

As they spilled out their bags, sparkling gems came out. The rocks were precious jewels.

The point of this story is that at the end of your ministry you will be both happy and said. Happy you listened to the Creators voice, but sad you didn’t do more. This really sums up my year here as Spiritual Life Coordinator at TFC. I’m happy I lived with my girls and fulfilled the ministry I was called to, but I wish I could have done more. Of course, at the end of this summer I will probably feel the same way… Just an interesting story I wanted to pass on.