One Week!!!!

by meganjazelle

 We’ll head for Atlanta Friday (so four days away) and those few last days will go real quick. Then one week from today I will be flying to San Diego and making my way to Ensenada, Mexico. Excited is an understatement!

Prayer Requests

That I am dependent on God alone…

That during these last few days my focus is on Him and that I desire His word and prayer time with Him.

Thanks ya’ll!

It’s been an enjoyable and relaxing time at home. My brother’s are crazy as always, but we’ve had fun playing Rio on PS3, wrestling, and playing some board games. My time is pretty much spent with them and my mother, since my Daddy works during the day.

Today’s fun (or not so fun) time was shopping. Usually I love shopping, but I will admit it’s a bit more difficult shopping for clothing suitable for the Middle East. Must be cool fabrics, must not show any cleavage, back, and sleeves must be at least t-shirt length or longer. Business casual appropriate…  On top of that I am limited by being “plus” size. But, that’s okay! I am making this work. It’s been fun.

I also got some new luggage. Woohoo!

But, that’s all for today. G’night!