Proyecto de Ensenada

by meganjazelle



Monday around 2 in the afternoon, twenty-four interns met up in San Diego Airport and together we took a 3 hour drive to Ensenada, Mexico. The “scenic route” we drove along the west coast was so much more than I expected. Nearly the whole ride we had the view of sandy beaches or rocky cliffs against the Pacific ocean. 

But, I didn’t come here for beautiful mountains or lovely beaches. This time was meant to be a preparation for my internship: a time of renewal, a chance to get poured into, and a time to meet others going out into the world. Honestly these past three days have gone by so quickly and I can’t believe tomorrow we’re leaving. It’s already time to say goodbye and even in just these little three days I have made friends. Friends I will genuinely miss.

While there are 24 of us, we were split up into four or five smaller groups. My group included those going to Burkina Faso and then there was one other person going to a Middle East location. There has been some great experiences and wonderful discussion between us all.








Together as a group we have had the opportunity to do some construction work and also visit a local church to do some children’s ministry. What a joy our time has been here! It’s also been good “team building time” even if no one from my specific location is coming along with me.


So much has happened in the past few days and there is so much I could say about Ensenada… I honestly don’t know where to begin! It’s all these experiences and so much experiences from the leadership that we can learn from. I have no clue how to share it all through this blog, so please forgive me. 🙂

But I need to get packing and start preparing to leave for L.A! So, I’ll try updating again soon. Might be several days, but hopefully near the end of a week.


In closing, I want to say that I have ventured out of my comfort zone (be proud) and I have officially eaten these wonderful tacos: intestines, cheek, head, tongue, and eye… In addition to beef and pork. This is training for sure! Haha