I Arrived!

by meganjazelle

I have officially made it to my destination. This is my first full day in country and I am so excited to be a part of everything here! The journey was long (over three days), but in the end, of course, it was completely worth it.

I live with two lovely ladies in a house. It’s similar to an apartment building, but it is one house (confusing perhaps). We live on the second floor and the view is incredible. There is a living/dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms. Perfect size for the three of us.

This morning has been very nice. I woke up at seven to go and buy fresh flat bread. It’s only two homes down and for four large breads it only cost me fifty cents. Very inexpensive!

Right now I am in charge of the Middle Eastern Tea station, I am teaching level “three” English, and I also will be starting a “Character Building School” with children tomorrow. It will be a full schedule, but it shall be a fun one. I was super nervous, but I believe it will actually work out quite well. I have eleven men and six women in my class, so I am quite happy about that. Not just middle aged men! Woohoo!

Today I have had the chance to meet the whole team here. We played a few games and at the moment we are waiting for another couple to join us. I should probably get back to them and join in the fun.

I will try updating soon. Updates will become more regular one internet is reestablished in our appartment. It was cut for a few days for construction.

Much love,