Welcome! Come into Our Home!

by meganjazelle

For the first time today, I was able to experience hosting a national into our home. I have heard how important hospitality is here, but this was my first real experience seeing it.

No lies! It is intense!

First, your home must be spotless. Not only inside, but out! We had our own duties… But all was swept, dusted, trash was taken out, and finally the house was mopped. Then the outside porch, stairs, and entryway was swept and washed clean with some water (very wasteful for a country low on water, yes, but our neighbor insisted on helping and it is the local way of doing things).

Once clean, you buy and bake all needed things. Juice and/ or soda pop. Nuts and hard ( but chewable) candies. Something sweet to eat (in our case: banana bread). And be sure to have water, coffee, and tea.

In the beginning you serve water. After a few minutes you offer a soda or some juice. They are immediately given candy and nuts. After a bit of time passes, a sweet is brought out. Here, tea or coffee is offered. Continue with drink and keep small snacks out for the guest. When your ready for guests to leave, offer fruit.

I know I don’t have it down perfectly, but this was pretty much how the night went. It is amazing how much effort goes in to hosting, bit what a blessing it is to have someone into your home here.

Just thought I would share my night with ya’ll. Love you guys!