Never Let It Become Background Noise

by meganjazelle

My prayer is that life here near the neighborhood Mosque never becomes just background noise.

Five times a day, all across this “-Stan” a Call to Prayer is given.

Five times a day in the Middle East, North Africa, and select areas in Asia this call to prayer is given.

A billion people… Dying.

With so few to share light.

He has just been breaking my heart lately for these people.

Today I was walking to the Center and as I was walking across from the Mosque, the call to prayer sounded. I stopped and turned away, only to overlook the city. He just whispered everyone… into ear and I cried.


There are so few who believe. They are persecuted and must keep quiet. Back home, I could scream His name in the streets or on the rooftops… Here only a whisper.

He is here. I believe He is.

He is good. He is…

But it is so, so dark here. It is heart-wrenching! So overwhelming. Back home it was all statistics… Here it is neighbors, taxi drivers, students, and friends…

Regardless of where I go long term. I want to devote my life to reaching these people…