No Water

by meganjazelle

It has officially been four days and five nights without water. We have a steady supply of drinking water, but washing clothing, showering, flushing the toilet, doing dishes… None of these things can be completed without our running tap water. For us living in the “-Stan,” water comes a few hours every few days. Sometimes only two hours a week. Sadly, the line to the pump was been tampered with during recent road construction and the water just isn’t making it to our tanks.

While this honestly isn’t the nicest experience in the world, it makes a good illustration.

I believe this is how many of us live our lives. We say we believe, but then only take “sips” of the drinking water.

Maybe we only go and meet on Sunday… Back row. In and out. Maybe we sneak in a chapter or two of HIS Word a day, just to check it off a list.

But in the end still we’re thirsty and the sips do not satisfy. We don’t bathe in the life-giving water. We don’t clean our clothes and bodies and strive for sanctification. We don’t care about the worldly stench in our life, which we are to flush out… and we eat from many other plates and leave them, only to find that without soaking them in the water the plate is coated with crusty food unable to simply be rinsed off. Bugs start to fly around and honestly it is just plain gross! The more your away from the water, the dirtier and stinkier your life gets.

Now, back to life here… Thankfully we can come to the center and do laundry downstairs (which I am doing right now actually). I was running low on clothing, thankfully no longer. We are also able to take showers, which is nice as well. The longest I am “comfortable” to go without a shower is three days in this dry heat. After those three days, I start feeling dusty and disgusting.

Another fun aspect of living in the “-Stan” is not having steady electricity. Usually once a day the electric goes off for about an hour or sometimes longer.

But that is life here. Fun and exciting, right? 😉