“Without Hope”

by meganjazelle

Today I traveled to a city where a man known as “Chemical Ali” carried out Saddam’s orders to bring a genocide to a nationless people group. This city of about 70,000 (at the time) experienced 14 waves of bombings. Each wave about 6 or 7 planes would drop chemical weapons upon this city. Thousands were killed (3/4 women and children) and injuring for life thousands more.

Today I walked the mass graves…
Today I saw the memorial with hundreds of names…
Today I saw the physical effects of the gas upon the people… Faces sunken in, pigmentation of the skin drastically changed, limbs missing, etc….

It was a lot to take in.

I come back to my city and my taxi driver speaks English to me. Usually, I ignore them (since they like to “hit-on” the ladies), but this man I listened to. I will not forget his words:

“My people have no hope.. I have no hope .

This is the reality of living here… And yet one of HIS constant reminders of why I am here.