by meganjazelle

Yesterday night we, as a team, said goodbye to one of our interns. He played a vital role here, as he was one of the two men at the moment working at our center. Being down to one man at our center is pretty rough, considering we are in a male dominated society.

Speaking of which, it’s interesting living here where it’s a male dominated. The word “interesting” in that last sentence can also be changed to “different,” “confusing,” “frustrating,” and etc… Simple tasks (such as answering the door or picking up the phone) cannot be done if you are a woman… Those are just two little things. Really, there is a whole list. Pretty much all interaction with men and women is frowned upon… And quite frankly it takes some getting used to.

But, back to goodbyes… I’m next. This saddens me.

I’m enjoying my last month here, but things will be changing (considering Ramadan starts in a little over a week). I will have a few more days here in the city I am in and then I will be traveling to do an English camp for a week. It will be in a much more conservative place and it is a different culture there. The Mosques give messages against the camps, so please keep this situation in mind and our safety as well. After this camp I will have two more weeks and will be heading home.

I hate goodbye’s….