An Unknown Sin

by meganjazelle

Yesterday was one of those days.

One of those days where thirty boys walk out while you teach them.

One of those days where children get stuck in an elevator…

One of those days where a fellow worker here picking up children is arrested driving the kids to camp… (He is fine now)

We had three major blows today.

Right now I am a few hours from my typical home here in this -Stan and it is amazing how great the cultural difference is. Here it is much more traditional and conservative. I live on a compound and have guards 24/7. I am not allowed out alone… I need at least two people (one a man) with me if I want out. Quite frankly this is a little more what I expected from this country.

This morning, while we acted out a skit on Adam and Eve. We had a man call out “Adam, where are you?” in this city, it is a sin to “act out God” or to “speak for Him.” Almost every single boy walked out of our room (30+) and a few of my girls. This cultural mistake was unknown. In our city, it would not have been a problem.

Some boys stayed for games, but in the end picked up stones to chuck at the man (a friend to them) that play “God’s role.” They called HIS WORD “dirty” and spat at our feet.

It is a battle here…

Quite frankly it is very oppressive…

Still , let me tell you how He is at work…

I live on a compound of about twelve acres. There are over a thousand fruit trees planted and thriving for the community.

Everyday something happens here! There are classes on sewing, agriculture, English, and more.

TOMS shoes has given shoes for the feet in the village and will give more to the surrounding area.

16 people are employed full time and it has become a small family like environment.

And lastly

We expected little to no children, because the local mosques have preached against this oasis… Last head count was over 80. My group? 50 girls strong.

While days like these are rough and the enemy is dealing his blows… My Father is stronger. I finished my book! He wins!

Keep us in mind! Two days left.