TOMS Shoes

by meganjazelle

I don’t know how many of you have heard of “TOMS Shoes” before, but it is a newer company that offers “One-for-One.” This means if you buy a pair, they will donate a pair. Of course it is a business and if you look at the price you probably would cringe, but let me tell you why I support TOMS and how TOMS supports us here!

With the Center I was just at for the past week, TOMS has given them an open door into the community. Over 66,000 shoes were shipped in this past shipment and so each kid within this village (and surrounding) was able to have a pair of shoes. Not just once, but for five more years. 

While the shoes work for the summer time, they are not adequate for the harsh winter and rain. So TOMS has arranged a boot to be shipped this winter where it will not only keep little toes warm, but also dry. It is a new prototype and we are the first to have this boot given. 

So while our center has open doors it is up to the people to walk through them. With TOMS we have an open door with which we can walk through and bless others within the community. It has helped us here and really improved relations within our area. 

Thank you everyone, who has bought a pair… And if you are interested in more: