Loving, Trusting, & Joy

by meganjazelle

I hate saying goodbye. I hate having to pick up and walk away from a life I happily live every few years or every few months. It has been like this all my life.

I know it was only two months of me being here, but growing up like this I learnt to love.

Love deeply, trust strongly, and to live with joy

No matter where He places me, as a follower of Him, I am to love. Love others around me, love the God-given culture I am in, and find little bits of His goodness to love where I am at. Regardless of time, commit to friendships and cherish, honor, and love those in relationships.

Regardless of how long I know someone, they automatically have a certain level of my trust. Yes, it can be stupid sometimes and mistakes have been made… Still, I don’t regret it!

Trusting others allows others to see who I am quicker and helps in creating relationships and also trusting others means -usually- others will trust you. It good. Especially when time is limited.


Regardless of your condition… Regardless of statuses, situations, and life in general live with joy . A life full of joy seems life a rarity these days. I struggle with this one, but He is always good to me and even on bad days His goodness is evident. Here it has been a little mother dove outside of my window, the painted sunset in the sky from our Creator, or even the orange moonlit night… All joys in my life. Family & friends… Most of all… The joy of my salvation. How blessed I am.

I am saddened to go and my heart aches knowing it is only four more days… I have loved deeply, trusted strongly, and have learned to live with joy here. I am so not ready to leave.

Still, He placed a verse upon my heart… The same one He pressed upon me before I left for this place…

You will go out in joy and be lead fourth in peace… –

-Isaiah 55:12a

I am once more going out… I chose joy. He has another plan for me and this next year will not be a waste.

He will keep me and lead me with peace…

As I leave, please p ray this continues to be pressed upon my heart. P ray I choose joy and that I continue to love (not harden my heart).

Thanks for taking this journey with me. It isn’t over though… He isn’t quite finished with me yet.