Not As Planned

by meganjazelle

**Note before my blog: I do plan on posting photos of Kstan, but my computer is missing a battery and the new one I bought isn’t working. It will be a little bit more time until I can have another one shipped and my photos downloaded. Thank you for your patience and please continue to follow me!**

     If you know me and have the chance to converse with me, chances are you have heard my love for a little suburb of Atlanta: Clarkston. While residing in the States, Clarkston will keep my heart and I will continue to be passionate about the work that God is doing there. But this semester, things might not go as planned. Instead of going down every other week, my team may only have the chance to go a few times this semester. It’s honestly a little heartbreaking. Especially since I have been looking forward to this ministry all summer!

But with everything I have learned over the summer, I’ve been strangely at peace. God also really spoke to my heart and reminded me that it doesn’t matter how many hours or days I put into my beautiful girls there, because ultimately it is Him alone who can draw their hearts to the Saviour.

It’s good to know that while everything may not go as planned (in my book), that God’s plans and His will are unchanging. Regardless of the feelings I have, He is good and somehow in this His work is taking place. It’s not about me, but Him… Thank God!

Here are a few pictures though in case you are curious… These are the beautiful Burmese/Thai girls we visit and some other children that we get to love on.








If you are interested in what Clarkston is:

“Every year, thousands of refugees come to the United States seeking a better life. In the early 1990′s, the process of resettling refugees began in the community of Clarkston, GA, a small town located within metro Atlanta. Since this process began, approximately 60,000 refugees have been resettled in this area. With over 150 different ethnic groups represented within and around the city, Clarkston has been named “the most diverse square mile in America” by the New York Times.” -Friends of Refugees