Waffle House

by meganjazelle

At this point in my life, getting off campus is a joy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little college! Still… Sometimes after school or work, I just need to take some time to get away.

Driving is my favorite form of therapy (until gas prices make me cry). I love taking my Mason (Mazda 3) and touring the back streets and local scenery to see the beautiful rivers, mountains, lakes, winding roads, and etc… While I have many places I enjoy visiting, sometimes my friends and I like to just run out into town for a (non-alcoholic) beverage or snack. Food-wise Waffle House is my local favorite. Not only is the food inexpensive, but the service is friendly and the chatter welcomed after a long day.

Yesterday a friend and I ended up going to Waffle House to get some studying done. We are required to read sections of many major religious texts and that day we were reading the Hindu holy book (interesting, to say the least). We sat down, ordered, and together took turns trying to pronounce the names of Hindu gods and the pleas of the people responding to them. As my hashbrowns were served, I set the book on the table and my friend and I dug in. As our waiter filled our waters back to the brim, she asked out of curiosity what we were reading. We explained to her how we were in a “World Religions” course at our Bible College and how we wanted to understand other religions to better reach the people of other nations. Her response wasn’t what I expected…
This frail woman began to tear up and passionately speak of her faith. She poured out her heart to us and explained how her life back home was really struggling… Marriage failing… Family broken… Constant pains and trials Still she said she just had to believe. In the end she asked for prayer and we held hands in the corner of the Waffle House and prayed over her. When the tears slowed and the extended hug was completed, she thanked us and told us that she “needed us” that day… That night.

God really used this as a reminder that I’m here for a reason. While I would love to be living overseas serving and sharing in a cross-cultural context, this is where He has me: good ol’ Toccoa, Georgia… And regardless of where I want to be, this is home and this is where I need to be content. God will use you right where you are at, as long as your willing. Even a local Waffle House.