Ensaneda, Mexico (Finally! Photos!)

by meganjazelle

***This is going to be the first in a series of blogs. I’m going to be posting photos of my summer and along with it perhaps a bit of narrative along the way. I’m hoping to give you a little snapshot (no pun intended) of my time across the boarder and overseas. Hope ya’ll enjoy!***


I spent five days in beautiful Mexico. Here I received training for my internship abroad and made many new friends. Just a few pictures to show life there…


This is the Alliance Project in Mexico! Image Pretty country side…


This was one of the highest points in the city. It was amazing being able to just look out at all the rooftops and see the mountains in the background.

ImageThis here is my small group. We all went overseas. Some to Berkina Fasso for relief work and two of us to the Middle East. ImageThis is my dear friend Linh from TF. It was such an encouragement to have her during training time and fun sending her off to the Dominican Republic!ImageThis is my small group! We meet a few times a day for cross-cultural training, conflict training, and a few other key topics… Two went to Burkina Fasso and two of us went to the Middle East. ImageThis was one of the many joys of Mexico! My favorite (seriously) was the tongue taco! Eyeball was good, but I couldn’t get over the squishy-ness. ImageThis was the whole crew! I was the last to fly out of the LA Airport, therefore I was able to send everyone off and say goodbye.

ImageJust a few of us hanging out.ImageA city on a hill… ImageThis was one of our projects we participated in. It was here I discovered that I am absolutely HORRIBLE at nailing things in. ImageThis was the ocean view. So, so beautiful.

More pictures to come! Come back tomorrow to see photos from my first excursion in KStan!