El Roi

by meganjazelle

My heart has been caught up with the refugees of Clarkston for the past two years. Two days ago I had to say goodbye. As my refugee friend embraced me, I remember feeling her head covering scratch at my face.

A reminder scratched into my heart then…

I wept. She is still lost.

As our team was preparing to say goodbye and leave, I noticed a boy on some roller-blades  throwing something into the air. He repeatedly kept throwing this object and after watching him a few times I recognized that this object was a dove.

Once thrown, it would flap and try to fly away, only to hit the ground and be tossed up again. After having the process repeated over and over, the little dove began to tire and rather than flap it’s wings to slow it’s fall, it hit into the ground full speed.

I ran down the hill and was able to get the bird from the boys. Our team found a box and after goodbye’s were said we left with the little fledgling.

As I drove home, God reminded me that He is El Roi. He sees all.

He sees the Sparrow… He provided rescue and then proceeded to provide gentle hands to care for it.

He see’s me. I told you all in my last post how God provided a job. Recently He provided an apartment as well. I know He is watching over me… Providing each step of the way.

He also sees my little Clarkston girl, in need of a Saviour.  He brought us into her life to walk with her through some difficulties, love on her family, and to share the wonderful news of Christ. I trust that God will never forsake her and I firmly believe one day she’ll trust Him and learn how to see Him. The time spent there will not go to waste…

I hope this encourages you. Remember:

El Roi. He sees all.