by meganjazelle

A little over a month ago, I wrote a blog post about stillness. 

Stillness. Quietness. Silence… Anyway you look at it or name it, it really points to one thing: being ALONE. 

While it’s been a good experience, I would be lying if I said it was an enjoyable one. I’ve realized how important Christian community is and have also come to value the relationships I have in my life so much more. 

But in the midst of these lessons, there has still been this nagging question of “Why me, God? Why here?” 

You see, a lot of my friends know what their doing with their lives. They already have jobs, some are married, and many are engaged. Yet here I am. Me in little ol’ Toccoa. I’ve really struggled with negativity lately and catch myself often complaining silently to myself. As much as I’ve tried, “Why me, God? Why here?” is a question that I can’t seem to quite push out of my mind. 

“Why me, God? Why here?” 

To abide. 

To Abide? That was the response I got. 

It the hit me…. This summer I’ve really made an effort to give God my time. I read His word in the morning and usually have the chance to spend time in it at night. I also have plenty of time to talk to my Father in Heaven…. And overall, when I think about it… My summer has been about learning to abide in Him. 

“Why me, God? Why here?” 

Because I am distracted. Because I can’t manage my time. Because I am not disciplined. 

Because I need to learn how to abide in Him. 

While there are other reasons I know I am here, I firmly believe that this is why. And I can rest in knowing that I have a purpose here. To abide.