Rise Above

by meganjazelle

First comes fear. Doubt is quick to follow. 

It is here, at doubt, a decision must be made: 

1. Question and then succumb to the fear. Mute and seized. Live life on the safe side. No risks. Content with what you know, but staying far from living out that knowledge. 

2. Rise above. Take risks. Trust that what you know is promised and is true. Then live by it. 

I must admit, everyday I have fear that lingers… Why don’t I have a job, apartment, a pile of money, (you fill in the blank here)? Should I have done something different? This is a little scary… I mean, I really doubt I’m doing things right… Am I doing this all wrong? Did I really hear God’s call? Seriously.

This past month especially, it seems like I am constantly having to stand guard over my heart. Fear and doubt constantly are straining against it, but I know this is true… I am unbelieving and I need God to overcome this unbelief, the fear, and doubt.

Tonight I read Mark 9:14-29. We see a boy who is possessed by an evil Spirit  which causes him to be mute and the Spirit seizes him. This evil is trying to kill this boy’s life. His Father expresses a plea for help and, in the midst of his fears and doubts, he cries out “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!” 

Sometimes I feel like I am the father crying out “Help me overcome this!”  I know I have also been that mute boy, seized by a spirit of fear and of doubt… Jesus acts on my behalf and I know He has freed me from that and continues to protect me today. 

Perhaps you are the son… Or even the Father. Regardless, He can set you free and He alone is trustworthy. His name is above all names and He can rise you above whatever your circumstances or fears may be.