For Your Camels

by meganjazelle

Abraham’s servant prayed a very bold prayer, asking for a sign of the one Isaac was to marry. First this woman was to be found at a spring, she was to offer the servant something to drink, and then tend to the ten camels the servant had traveled with. I have always believed that he was just asking for a sign… More of a “God, please let her do this, this, and this, so I know she’s the right one!”

What if this wasn’t so much a sign that she was the perfect one, but rather a woman of impeccable character?

Rebekah was drawing water with jug.  Not only was she quick to offer this servant a drink from her work, but she offered to water his camels.

Bing, answer to prayer!

BUT… Taking a deeper look…

Did you know a camel can drink ten to twenty-five gallons in about ten minutes? Forty gallons in a session  Multiply forty by ten camels and you have four hundred gallons of water. Could you imagine having to water ten thirty camels with only a jug (in the Middle Eastern heat, mind you). She knew what she was getting into and yet she willingly offered.

Rebekah was a woman of hospitality, graciousness, and selflessness. She gave her energy and her time. She knew her resources and did not withhold any kindness.

Can I draw water for your camels too?

Am I willing to sacrifice my time and energy to love others (it is not all about finding that Issac, haha).

Reading about Rebekah has challenged me and I hope it does the same for you. Give to the strangers and people in need, but go the extra mile and care for those camels too. Be a woman (or man) of impeccable character. Gracious, selfless, and loving with a Christ-like heart.

“She draws on her strength and reveals her arms are strong” -Proverbs 31:17

**Thank you Gary Thomas for using your book The Sacred search to shed new light on this passage!**