by meganjazelle

In a few short days, I will have officially been at my Toccoa Wal-Mart for a month. God knew exactly what I needed: 

A job with people. 

A job where I wasn’t always in the center of a giant store. 

A job that I had to learn and where the people I worked with would be patient & willing to train me… 

A job that payed (even just slightly) above minimum wage. 

Thankfully, that’s what I got. 

For the first two weeks, I feel like nearly every night I was rummaging the internet trying to find out anything I could about cars. Which tires are best? What is synthetic oil and why does it cost so much!? What routine maintenance should I be completing on my car? Etc.

Finally, while I am the place where I know tires. I know oil. I still have much to learn in my little automotive section, but I feel competent in those two sections… 


Today I had an old man come in wanting a tire for his truck. I explained to him the tire he picked out would not be the best choice for his needs and he began to disagree with me on the “plys” of a tire he was looking at. He wanted six. The tire he picked out and talked to another associate about was four (built for passenger cars, not trucks). He was told it was six, but it was not, and I was not about to sell it to him under false pretenses. 

Now, when I customer disagrees with me, I do not argue. The customer is always “right” and I always am happy to find someone else for them to speak with. But when I asked if he wanted to speak to someone else he told me “I would love to speak to a man who knows what he is talking about…”

I was livid. 

I smiled, tried to remain friendly, and went straight into the back room where I asked two of my mechanics to go out and speak to him.  

I know it’s stupid to get offended and angry… But this was the third time this week that a customer has asked to speak to a “man” because they did not want, value, or trust my opinion. 

As I was coming home I reflected on why it upset me so… Finally I decided to pray about it. Once I finally was quiet enough to listen God  reminded me of my summer internship. He reminded me how the women in the Middle East are not valued highly, they are nothing more than objects and tools, and how they must remain in silence. 

I have no right to complain. 

And yet, God reminded me that if I am really surrendering to go over there I need to be willing to surrender to that culture.

I can’t go out after dark.

I can’t look a man in the eye and I am not supposed to speak to them.

I must be escorted when out.

I can’t be seen with wet hair.

Clothing my be appropriate and at a certain length.  

Those are only a few things I must live by. 

But really, it came down to a heart issue. Is my worth, my value, and my identify found in Christ or is it found in my own competence, others opinions, and ultimately by things other than Christ? 

God reminded me I am not competent and I am dependent on Him. And… Ultimately, His opinion is the only one that matters. 

Just a little thought tonight.