“Spirit lead me where my faith is without boarders”

by meganjazelle


I absolutely love the song “Oceans” by Hillsong… 

I want my faith to be without boarders.

I want to be taken deeper than I could ever go, by just wandering with my feet.

I want to walk by faith upon the waters.

I want to go wherever He calls…

But the ending line to the chorus is “My faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Saviour.” 

I hate being honest with myself, because I realize just how wretched and awful I am. Regardless of each wrong I do, it accumulates and continues to snowball. It’s unescapable. I’m so in need of grace… and yet I have it!

It’s given and He continues to give it… But sometimes I forget (or ignore the need) to just BE STILL in His presence. I know it’s there I am reminded of my forgiven heart, His heart for me, my call, and it is there I have renewed faith.

I’m so ashamed to admit though… Sometimes I still run, ignore, and forget. 

I want to be a follower of Christ. I want to go where He goes and literally continually be made stronger in His presence. He’s always there, but I want to acknowledge Him and live BY and THROUGH Him. 

Just some honesty. I encourage you to reflect. Are you basking in Him and His presence? Are you being made stronger in Him or crumbling to pieces trying to do things in your own strength? Because I know have been crumbling and I need Him and His strength. 

Be encouraged. While we may hide, ignore, or flee… We can never escape His presence. Choose to acknowledge and bask in it.