Alabaster Jar

by meganjazelle

Of all of the stories in the Bible, my absolute favorite is of the woman and the alabaster jar.

The woman hears of Christ and goes to Him.

She takes the most precious things she has to give.

Entering the home, she knows she will be despised and hated by those inside.

Falling to her feet, she is before her Saviour. 

Weeping, she wets His feet with her tears.

Kissing His feet profusely, she then dries His feet with her hair. 

Then she lavishly pours out the alabaster jar onto his feet and legs, coating them with fragrant oils. 

He forgives her. She is saved. 

It is a beautiful depiction of surrender and submission.

She gives Him her heart, she faith, and then she gives Him the most costly gift she has in her possession.

I have read that alabaster jar of fragrant oil/perfume was worth more than a years wages. She could have used the oils on herself or sold it for material comforts and possessions… Instead she poured it out. She gave it joyfully.

When I hear this story, I cannot help but wonder what I am giving God. What have I or can I pour out to Him? If you have read any of my previous posts, you have caught little snippets of my hopes and dreams. For me, that is what is in my alabaster jar. I have poured that out over-and-over it feels like…

Today I caught myself thinking of the future and what I want to do after the Middle East. I thought of what He might want me to do. It was then He reminded me that I need to pour out that future once more to Him. It’s not for me to know my life or it’s calling. I do not need to have a career, a home, or security in anything other than Him.

My call, my life, is to be lived day-to-day, our-by-hour, and moment-by-moment.

So once more I pour out that jar and give my life and everything to Him. So small, considering what He deserves…

But what a joy knowing that He loves me and He has forgiven me. Redeemed me. Saved me. Called me by name… And has me in His hands.

That is an abundant life. More than abundant. Joy, hope, love, peace, grace, mercy… It is all there. I just have to chose to experience it and chose to see it. I have to continually be intentional in choosing Him.

What is in your alabaster jar? Have you poured that out at His feet? Maybe it is time to do it once more.






P.s. I have probably written on this before. I couldn’t remember… Sorry if I have. 😉