by meganjazelle

Yes, yes, I made it here to the Middle East! Please forgive for not updating sooner. I did have some lazy days that were spent unpacking, cleaning, and preparing -for the other interns who now reside with me, but now we have entered into the two weeks of camp craziness. Honestly, at the end of week one, I am absolutely exhausted and have very little free time -which is great, because it means I have a purpose here.

While I am safe and sound, this country is so heavy in my heart. We’ve received word that just under a hour away, you literally cannot drive through the streets because of the flood of refugees seeking asylum in our region is so thick. There are so many needs here, it is overwhelming…

Please, keep this region and this war torn country in your pra. yers. I have such a deep love for these people and this country… The emotions while being so close to the devastation being done cannot be described. I still do check -several times- daily, but I hate reading the news, only to hear of more death and isolation.

Thankfully, I get to work with the next generation. It’s so encouraging to see their smiles and hear their laughter. That may sound super cheesy and fake, but it’s truly a joy and I mean it from my heart. They might be a handful some times, but they are oh, so precious.

Well… I am off to bed… Thanks for reading and taking the time to care. 🙂

P.s. My internet is not “secure” and I will not be writing “openly.” Some words are not safe to use. You might notice words being spaced out or having periods in them, it just helps my blog avoid “hits” for people looking for specific topics. If you have any questions, feel free to contact my Mother.  Also, feel free to write me (in fact, please do), but please be sensitive to this “security” issue. Everything is watched. Terms you would normally use on a Sunday morning are very misunderstood and “bad” to type out. If that make sense.

Thanks, again!