New Realities

by meganjazelle


View from the rooftop.

Life here is upbeat and fast paced, yet still so rooted in family and tradition. There are new shopping centers and old bazaars. Muslims, Ch.ris tians, Yezidi, Turkman, and so many more groups all here… All breathing the same air and living life together. The Mosque still goes off during the day for the call to prayer. But the women are unveiled. I see hair, faces, and smiles.

This place is so different and unique to the rest of the Middle East. I find the culture so beautiful here.

Still in the midst of the the peace, there is a panic spreading throughout some religious groups in our region. The fighting further up North is too close for the comfort of the minorities and refugees. I listen to the locals confidently speak about their fighters and the regions’ military forces… And a silent resolve to stay… I trust that and feel the same… I am at perfect peace here.

But there is a new reality in living here. Power companies are feeling the strain of having to provide power for significantly more people and the outages that used to roll only once a day, go out several. Refugees are pouring in and migrating from other local “refugee” cities… Everyone is trying to move to the safest place and I am pretty confident we’re in one of the safest cities… If not, the safest. Therefore the influx… Also, In the midst of the day to day life, people are taking the time to turn off the “football” and watch the news. I find even myself checking to hear updates. So close, yet far away. It’s a weird feeling.

The New Reality is this: constant news, constant stories, constant peace among the panicked.

Again, I’m safe and all is well. Just different living here… New reality…