Darkness is Typical

by meganjazelle

Teaching here in the Middle East is quite the experience.

First the power goes off, while it is still light outside, and the only inconvenience is the heat. 

Like: 20 bodies in a small room, 115 degrees outside and no air conditioning kind of heat… 

Then the power goes off an additional four more times, but this time the sunlight is gone and with no windows (just a skylight) the class is left in darkness. Usually the generator pops back on after a few minutes, because we are a business that has the luxury of owning one… but sometimes that generator likes to overheat and the darkness lingers a little longer then welcomed. 

With no lights and regular power outages, we must all continue in the dark… 

Dark. Hot. A little room for 20 people…. 

Can I admit I still had tons of fun? 

If you read my Facebook, you probably saw a post that said this: 

…I love teaching -non-grammatical- English, because is like a giant two-hour game of “Catch Phrase” or “Taboo” for me….

I just have to add, the darkness makes everything a little more complicated and it’s a “fun” challenge… But as they light up their textbook with their phones and shine the light on their faces to answer the questions… It makes it all worth it. 

Lights or no lights, I am teaching English. 

Lights or no lights, they are trying to learn English… 

What a joy and such fun!


On a more serious note, please be lifting up my co-worker. After the first power outage, she fainted from the heat. We sent her to a safe place to recover and she’s fine now… But please be keeping her in your pra .yers, as she is very nervous -understandably- about her next class. We’ve moved her to a cooler room and will be taking necessary precautions to keeping her well, but be lifting her up.  Please & thank you!