Little Things

by meganjazelle

I usually do not sit down to write, until the end of the day. Each time I stare at the screen…

What can I even write? I know it’s been days… Long, long days… I do apologize.


You see, it is at the end of the day that I read the regional news. Why? Usually in the later hours they update. It is in these hours I read about what is happening to this county and it is through updated news announcements, tweets, photos, and videos I read and see evil. Every night I see it over and over again… More death, more sorrow, more pain…


It continually weighs on my heart and mind throughout the day… I want to write… I want to blog… I want to share… But when my heart is so heavy and when I have exhausted myself with tears for this country and it’s people… What can I share!? What can I share… You see, I learned an important lesson last time I was here:

Find Him. 

So let me tell you just one of the instances where I have found Him today: We have a conversational English night at our learning place. It is there we gather around tables, drink Cha (tea), coffee, and laugh as we try to share with broken English what’s on our minds. Today we got on the subject of names and where those names come from.  Here, names are mostly objects or important people from history. English names are not always so…. Thankfully, almost half of the staff is named after men and women from our Book. The perfect conversation starter! After a short discussion on their names, I was asked about my beliefs.

I shared.

Then I was asked what I thought about the main religion here… While I explained that I respect them and their beliefs, I believe in something different. I believe that HE had a Son… And this Son carried my shames and mistakes I have made upon that tree. But for those few precious minutes, my students eyes were on me… Ears listening… Hearing. All from one question. So at the end of this long, tiring day… After pouring out my heart again…

In the midst of all the darkness I feel, I rejoice.

I rejoice, because He’s absolutely victorious, always sovereign, and still good.

And and Psa.lm 18:28b says: “The L0.RD my G0.d illumines my darkness.”