The Good Samaritan

by meganjazelle


Last summer I spent my Friday nights in Clarkston, Georgia with Nepali and Burmese refugees. Each week we chose a story out of His Word and went from Creation to His death using only oral storytelling.  I am awful at memorization, but for some reason remembering the stories just works for me. I picture it in my mind, like a movie, and describe it as I see it in my head (weird, I know). But… While it felt awkward in the beginning just sharing a story to a small crowd, the discussion was incredible and I have realized just how much He used those Friday nights.

I memorized many stories because of these nights, but also because of my education in Toccoa. Yes. School. Of all my classes at Toccoa Falls College, my Storytelling course has been one  of the most used and appreciated by me…  I had learned the importance of using oral methods and how to properly share with those methods. I mean, really! It’s important! Did you know that “according to the International Orality Network, more than 70% of the world’s population (5.7 billion people) are oral learners, by necessity or by preference” (Living Water International, 2014)? When 90% of our outreach is done through literature, we have these huge gaps if it’s only reaching about 30%…

Okay, but continuing on to today… 

So I’ve continuing trying to learn some stories and one that has been stuck in my mind was the Story of the Good Samaritan. It’s continually weighed heavily on my heart and mind -you may have even seen a Facebook status about it. Pairing that with another verse stuck in my head, Luke 6:4 – Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back, – I have thought this story was just for me and my heart…

But today, during class discussion an opportunity arose. We were talking about volunteering and religion was slipped into the conversation by a student. Then the mention of this regions hatred for the Ar abs. Immediately, HE brought to mind the story of the Samaritan! So I shared. A student told me “Wow, that is a good story… But teacher, where did it come from.” A little nervous, I sheepishly told my student it came from the Word. “That’s good,” the student replied “we need to be more like that good man.”

We left class after that discussion…  But my heart was content ending on that note. It started off as a bad teaching night… 40 minutes to explain vocabulary words, instead of the usual 20… But in the midst of what I feel are failures, He reminds me that it’s not about me or my abilities… It’s never about me… It’s all Him and He will use my 1 hour and 45 minute class as he sees fit.