Hello, I’m from Nineveh.

by meganjazelle

Yesterday I looked at my visa and realized it expires on the 25th. With only a few days to get everything done, I went and had my passport photos made and today I visited the local police. The station was busier than I expected, but that’s because of the refugees in our neighborhood moving into homes or living with their extended families here in our city.

While going from one building to the next, we met an older man with glasses. Clearly not a local. We were both traveling to the same building and a little confused on where we were supposed to be going. Thankfully he was kind and together we searched…

“Hello, I’m from Nineveh… Mosul. I’m a Chri-tian.” 

This man told us that DASH (ISIS) had come to his home and, because he was a believer, wanted to steal his wife.

“What can you do, other than run?”

His wife, children, and family fled and wound up living in one of our local Cath-lic congregations. Finally it was time for them to move out from that ch-rch and move into an apartment.

Our meeting was short, but I wanted to share. I do not meet many refugees here, especially ones that speak English… This poor man looked tired and weary. I can’t imagine the things he has seen and the journey he had to make with his family. Please be lifting this man up. I do not know his name, but thankful He does.

What can you do? 

If you are interested in donating to the refugee situation, please click here. Currently, the refugees we are working with are equipped for the next two weeks, but we will need to bring more supplies soon. These people are living under bridges and in abandoned construction sites. Yes, they need our pr-yers, but they also need physical resources such as food, water, beds, and now gas heating (as winter is quickly approaching). I have worked with this man and have seen our van loaded with thousands of dollars worth of food to distribute. It is an honest fundraiser and if you are interested in seeing pictures from previous distributions you can click here. Thanks for your time and for reading.