by meganjazelle

Today I was walking down the street with a friend and it just felt so… normal.

Hearing the language being spoken didn’t stress me out… Watching the city buzz about didn’t effect me. Not understanding the signs I was reading did not overwhelm me… And, at the realization that I could not go to a new open supermarket, because it was dark, I wasn’t angry or upset… Today has felt just normal.

I think the only way I can explain it is this:

For the past three months, I’ve been living in a state of “OH MY GOODNESS, I’M IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!!! AHHHH!” and today it was just like “Yes, I am living in the Middle East. This is life.”

I don’t know if that example will make any sense to anyone… But I notice it’s my mind submitting to normalcy. Expecting the day-to-day here… Beginning to accept culture and recognize it as my new way of living. I am happy that things are starting to feel like “actual life” and not just “summer camp.” For example… Moving into the dorms as freshmen felt the same way. First three months were all special and fun -like a summer camp. After a semester, it finally dawned on us all that we were students and this was our life now. I know, weird!

So, just a little post from me. Life has been good and I am so thankful for routine.  I can’t believe it’s been a whole three months… How blessed and thankful I am! Tomorrow I’ll teach two Intro level classes. I was sad to leave my level one students from before, but these Intro students have found their way to my heart and I do look forward to teaching them! ❤

Thanks for reading.