Words to Live By

by meganjazelle

Today I had privilege to sit down with a relief worker in another city and hear about all the work that is being done. Shipments arriving, distributions happening throughout the city and region, and life being sustained day-after-day. I wish I could share with you everything that was said! Literally story-after-story of provision, faith, protection, trust…

But instead, I will leave you with a quote from this conversation… A conversation my friend had with a man who stayed. A man who knew the risks, but wavered not and ultimately was displaced with his people…

 “I knew His calling on my life and I remained faithful to that calling… That calling was to my people and I have every intention of dying with my people. Don’t ever forget the soil below your feet was founded on Him. This is where it all began and if you believe the words of my L-rd and Sav-our, we know who has the victory in the end… Be encouraged. Now is the time to live. Now is not the time to question Him… Put your head down and serve the King of Kings.  Count it for His glory.” 

Powerful words.

Let’s all put our heads down and push onward.