by meganjazelle

January 1st.

One year ago my life was full of doubt. I had spent six months trying to raise enough money to move over to the Middle East, only to come up $11,000.00 short. Surely I must not have heard correctly… Maybe I wasn’t supposed to go overseas? I decided to withdraw my application and I wanted my pa-tor to be the first to know. Before I could even mention a thing, he said “We had a meeting today! We’re gonna make sure you get there! We’re going to support you for the year!”

January was doubt… Learning His timing is perfect. 

February through April were months full of joy and laughter.

I had graduated in 2013, but most of my friends would be graduating in May. With goodbyes looming ahead, we made the most of our time together. We drove miles of backroads, danced, stargazed, hiked, swam, pulled some late nights, and probably shared an abundance of tears. Friendship is sweet.

May was a month of goodbyes. Friends packed up and moved away. It was bittersweet…

In May I also continued to grow in my newfound community. I spent so many hours with my small group and friends from ch-rch. I am so thankful I had them to experience life with. I gained bruises from volley ball, sunburns from watching softball, and spent many more late nights visiting with friends. Everyone knew I was leaving, but they never shied away from getting to know me. There are a few things I have honestly appreciated more in life.

June was also a sweet reminder of His provision. I sold my car in less then a week to the first family that looked at it. I was offered a manager position over my department, but of course politely declined. Everything finished well… He had provided for my year out of college and now had provided me everything I needed for the next chapter.

July was love. Time with my sweet family… They have given me so much support and love… There are no words…

August was my first month here. It was a month of getting to know my new culture, city, and housemates. A month of learning. 

September was sad. Friends left. Changes were made. But I was welcomed into a new home and into a family.

October was lonely. Very, very lonely. But He was gracious to me. November came and brought new friends and community.

December was long. Sad. Bittersweet. Frustrating… So many emotions. At the end of it all, December was full of mercy. His fingerprints all over this past month, I just couldn’t see… Some I still can’t see, but that’s okay. Sometimes we’re not supposed to… I have faith one day I’ll be able to see it all.

A year ago I doubted. I thought I wouldn’t be here today. How truly blessed I am.

Definitely looking forward to what’s to come.