by meganjazelle

In October, this sad little calico kitten found it’s way to my doorstep. I affectionally named it Pshella, meaning cat -creative, I know. I fed it a total of four times and four times only. Somehow, I befriended it still. It would come running and meowing anytime it heard my keys jingle. I still didn’t feed it though, because feeding it would be committing to it.

Fast forward a few months and the cat still runs when my keys jingle to unlock the doors. Sometimes I sit and hold it while I wait for my ride and other times I let it weave in and out of my legs. I used to pet it all the time, but now the poor cat is dirty and I’ve seen multiple little creatures in its mouth. It’s not too often I bend down to love on it.


Today as I sat on my steps, the cat came running. I was getting ready to meet with our congregation, so I wasn’t looking to get dirty. I stood up before it greeted me and the cat weaved in and out, brushing up against my legs. Meowing. Pitifully. It literally only comes to my house to get pet. Finally I sat down and the little cat crawled into my lap. After it realized I wasn’t going to pet it still, it jumped unto my shoulders… Brushing against my face and my hair.

The cat stunk.

The cat was dirty.

I didn’t want it touching me.


But really… Am I any different?

It was brought to my attention right then, that I am a sinner.

I think of sin as dirty. Stinky. Awful… I mean, describe it anyway negative way you want… It’s bad.


I come to the Father in need of love, grace, and mercy.

Instead of pushing me away and shutting me out, He cleans me.

He Purifies me… Dresses me in His royal clothing… Makes me new.


After that little realization, I picked my cat up. It pushed its little nose into my neck and stretched out against me to be petted. I gave it a few minutes of lovins’ and then went into my kitchen to wash my hands.

Tonight was a beautiful reminder though… I’m thankful I serve the Cre-tor who doesn’t shy away from me. Messy. Dirty. Stinky. Sinful. He loves me as I am. Gives me grace and forgiveness. What a Savi-r.