by meganjazelle

My heart is aching for this country. In February alone, there have been 1,103 people killed and 2,280 wounded (UNAMI, 2015). As I read these statistics I feel physically sick… Some of these people have their funerals minutes from my home. I often pass by these gatherings… Neighbors and strangers dressed in black, mourning and weeping because of death.

While reading through 1 Corinthians today, I stopped.

“For the Son must reign until he humbles all His enemies beneath His feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death.” -1 Cor. 15:25-26

Death destroyed…

One of my Spiritual giftings is the gift of faith. I’ve seen this gift play out in my own life, but recently I have been restless knowing there is something bigger… Something else that He’s calling me to have faith for…  But what? I’ve been pra.ying and pra.ying that G.od would open my eyes to see what it is.

 1,103 people killed and 2,280 wounded.

Still… He’s calling me to faith…

For what?!


Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through ever circumstance.”

-1 Cor. 13: 7

It dawned on me tonight: I came back to this region, because of love.

Go.d has given me such a love for the people here and for this country… Yes! My heart is full of sorrow though, as I read about the death and destruction just beyond our boarders. My heart aches for these people and for my friends who are constantly surrounded by news of death and destruction…


Even in the midst of death and destruction, I pr.ay that love comes to this region…

I pr.ay and live my life with faith.

Because I have faith that He is good.

Because I have faith that He has NOT left these people here.

Because I have faith that Love will dwell and reign here.

Because I know and have faith that death will be conquered.

I realized today this is what He’s calling me to have faith for… 

Friends, I know I don’t update too often. My sincerest apologies for that! I do experience much joy here and I live an abundant, abundant life. I look out over the city and feel such a genuine love for this place… It’s truly become home.

Still the reality of living here is heavy… And that’s okay. I knew that coming here. Just… Makes it hard to write sometimes…

But, in the midst of it all I have faith. And I want to share with you that faith… Because He is here and I have seen Him move. I have new brothers and sisters, amazing opportunities, and see His fingerprints all over my beautiful city and the people here.

While I strive to have faith here… 

I humbly ask, that you too will have faith. 

That you will commit to pra.ying for the Middle East, this country, this region, and the people living in darkness… 

We need love here. 

We need His light. 

Please, remember the Middle East…

And when you read or hear about the violence here, I beg you to not harden your heart!

Believe He is working here… Have faith… And pra.y.