Over Dinner

by meganjazelle

Earlier tonight, I sat with my local friend and housemate at my favorite nearby cafe. As our food was being served, my friend told me about her various experiences seeing dead bodies in the capitol city our this country, when she was young and on her way to school… She retold me about the death of her brother. The mourning her and her family experienced.

Somehow we all managed to eat…

Somehow, as the night went on, we managed smiles, giggles, and laughter…

Somehow the topic changed to marriage, work, friends, and local sights to see… “Normal” things.

But really, was the previous conversation abnormal for here?

As always, I am reminded how desperately this nation needs Him. 

If my heart is broken for my friend who had to witness these awful atrocities and experience such sorrowful loss… How much more does His heart break for her?

I rest tonight knowing He sees me, but also that He sees herAnd every other person in this nation and region.