by meganjazelle

Three years ago, I used to update my blog on this computer in our Center office… Telling a few of you my stories, struggles, and the joys I found while living here. More then once I wrote about my desire to return. The fact that I am sitting here today proves He is working in my life and in the lives of those around me.

What a joy that is to realize.

As excited as I was and have been to return, It was still confusing to me. Coming here as an intern?

“G-d, don’t you know that I have student loan debt? This isn’t a paid position… I could be working, preparing for a long term career, and get paid while doing so! If I go now, it will be a year of my life wasted as just an intern!”

While it wasn’t a financially wise decision… It was His decision.

Oh, how selfish I was.

“It will be a year of my life wasted…”

It pains me to write that, but really that is how I thought… If I came here I would just be wasting a year and incurring more debt…

“Megan, this isn’t a career… This is your calling. Go.”

I went.

I’m here.

And what a beautiful nine months it’s been. Each and everyday, a gift I do not deserve…


This past week, I was offered a position as an Apprentice.

A few minutes ago, I submitted my acceptance letter…

This is a two year contract that will allow me to stay… But also at the end, if approved and L-rd willing, I can remain here and transition to be full time.

Two more years. Another gift, undeserved.

I just wanted to share this news with you and let you know what is happening in my life. Thank you for following me, pr-ying for me, and taking the time to read whatever I have to say. It is greatly appreciated. Truly.