by meganjazelle

Today she sat across from me, sharing her controversial views on local beliefs and culture. The power cut off right in the middle of one of her rants, causing her rushed speech to slow into low-hushed tones so others couldn’t hear. She is so feisty and always analyzing her beliefs. I appreciate her honesty and love the fact that she openly shares her heart and opinions with me.

Last night I sat beside another friend… Fully covered, not a strand of hair shows. She is devout and loves her god. She desires a relationship and is continually striving to love him more… And she too is opinionated, feisty, and analytical. I admire her generosity and wish I could learn to be kind and selfless as she is. She too has a heart which I love.

These girls, my best friends here, are similar in personality, but complete opposite in some of their beliefs. Still I am learning so much between the two of them… How thankful I am for them and how good G-d was to give me friendship here.