“Those Who Stand Before Death”

by meganjazelle

Tonight in conversation class we got on the topic of our regions fighters against ISIS (their name translates appropriately to “Those who stand before death”). A few members shared stories about their childhood, growing up with a father away at war during the time of Saddam Hussein. One of the young men in my class then raised his hand and tearfully shared that his father was an hour and a half a way fighting again ISIS and had been gone several weeks.

“It’s such a shame we are sitting here, while each of our families have members fighting.”

Please keep in mind our regions military and the families they have left behind. Many of these young and older men have gone without any salary for multiple months (up to four). It’s challenging on the family, but more-so the soldiers away. They have a lack of medical supplies, few resources, and haven’t had much training… So many have been wounded and killed.

We’re so thankful for those who keep our regions boarders safe and secure! Please lift them up with me? Also remember our enemies, as we know His hand is never too short to save.