Little Messages

by meganjazelle

Lately I struggle to sleep. Between the heat, unanswered questions, and endless thoughts that run through my mind… It can be maddening lying on my left side and staring at the dark wall. We’ve also been having some early mornings lately for our Kid’s Camp, which -although I love- is difficult… Especially as I am more of a night owl.


Tonight I as I was lying in bed my phone “dinged,” for I had received a Facebook message…

I thought about ignoring it, but I couldn’t once I saw it was my IDP friend who recently moved.

“I feel like a fish out of water…” She wrote.

I read her writings and attempted to “online listen.”

In the middle of those messages, I received an e-mail asking about my plans for the upcoming months from my company…

While she paused, I hurriedly wrote out something to the extent of “I have no idea what the next six months hold and there are options I need to seriously consider, but all I know if that my heart is here.”

I sent my e-mail and my IDP friend returned to complete her original thought about “being a fish out of water…”

“Do you why did I feel like this? Because all people here are hopeless.” 

I don’t know what the next month or six months hold, but I know that He continues to fill my heart with a love and compassion for His people here. I know that in the middle of my muddled mess, I am reminded that these people need Hope. Him.

Right now, this is where He has me… So here I will be. 

Please keep me in mind as I sort through some options I can take… I need wisdom. Peace… And I just want His Will in all of this…

And please keep her in her family in mind. They are going through lots of transition, but we celebrate the fact the family is reunited and together under one roof!


P.s. It’s really late… So I’m pretty sure there are lots of grammatical mistakes. Please overlook them. 😀