by meganjazelle

I’ve never been a morning person, but there is something so rewarding in waking up between 7 and 8: generator power. It’s satisfying knowing that I have some time to take a -generally warm- shower and have the opportunity to do my hair -in a warm room with my heater still powered on.

Life here is a bit different than America, but I love it.

In America many things can be important… But here, only one thing really stands out as vital: people.

I love having to go to the markets for fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, and breads. For each item, I have a specific store I like to visit. Shopping isn’t a mundane activity, but a relational one. Every time I visit the bazaar, I make my rounds with the shopkeepers I buy from… Even if I am not going to buy anything, it’s always good to check on new stock and to say hello.

During the day, I attempt to fill my time with friends and those I consider like family… Not because I need something or someone to entertain me, but because people are important. We can’t live without each other here.

At night, I teach up to 26 students. Each of whom I take into consideration when preparing a lesson, because they are all important to me.

Everything is relational.

I’m happy to be back and feel as if I am fitting in once more. It’s been wonderful seeing my old friends and I’ve even met a few new ones!

Classes started last week and I am enjoying level 1. Always a fan of teaching the lower levels, so I’m happy.

And… Well… That’s about it.