by Megan&Matthew

In the center of the room were twenty brightly colored bags with several neon colored tissue papers shoved inside. We were told it was a game of “White Elephant” with American products-stealing and all! After watching others pick out their bags and seeing their goodies I decided I would be the first to steal.

I chose a  huge bag of pecans and chocolate. But soon after, my bag was stolen…

There were two other bags with pecans, but they too were stolen from me… Finally I relented and opened a new bag. Speciality Coffee Creamer, Junior Mints, and a CD. Appreciated, but not quite exactly what I was hoping for.

Afterwards a sweet lady named Joy came up to me holding a large bag of pecans. I had seen her trade out Twizzlers and Pepperment Patties in order to get the bag.

“Here you go!” She said. Cheerfully handing me her pecans.


It might sound silly, but that was so sacrificial and selfless of her. Let me honest! I wouldn’t have traded out my peppermints (YORK brand too) and Twizzlers for someone else! Especially for someone I don’t know. How kind is that!?

I wrote her a thank you note and she found me the next morning. She said, “I thought about hoarding them. My husband and I love pecans, but I am so glad I gave them to you! Who knew it would be such a blessing!”


How often do I “hoard” my time and resources from others, instead of giving freely to others? How often do I miss opportunities to bless and love those around me, all because of my selfishness?  Such a simple gift! Pecans. But literally when retelling the story today brought tears to my eyes. I hope I can learn to keep my hands and schedule open, to better serve those around me.


Even if it means giving up mints… Or pecans. ❤