Childlike Faith

by meganjazelle

Today I had twelve little eyes on me -well let me be honest, those eyes seemed to be everywhere but on me. I taught preschool Sunday school for the third week this month…

The first lesson was on how great God’s love is. Even in our sinfulness and mistakes. We discussed -rather quickly- Adam & Eve and how God sought them in the garden. Even after eating from the tree that He specially said not to eat from! Calling us to come out of hiding, because there is no place we can run.

Second lesson was on the lost sheep. How He searches for the lost and how great His love is for each of us!

Tonight I tried a run through of Ephesians 3:17-18. Be rooted in His love, so that we can love Him and love others around us… Be strengthened in faith… And to try and understand how deep, high, and wide His love is.

By the first point, they were fading quick. Little attention spans are difficult to work with, especially in a multi-cultural classroom. I ended up turning off the lights and letting them walk around “blind” to talk about faith. After bumping into a few walls, each other, and plenty of kiddy giggles; we linked hands and I lead them around the room.

“When we can’t see whats ahead or when everything seems so dark, He will lead us!”

Tugging them along I repeated this a few times, attempting to get them to grasp this concept that oftentimes I even forget -or painfully ignore.

In the middle of this little exercise, I felt overwhelmed. What a privilege it is to teach them, but also what a great responsibly! How in the world and I supposed to teach this!? Something I myself can’t seem to get!

I know the truth… It’s in my head, but sometimes I just don’t let it sink into my heart. Walk by faith? Great. Walk blindly by faith… That’s getting a little too uncomfortable for me. But deep down, my desire is Him. To know Him more and to serve Him with my life…

So maybe instead of confident strides, I shuffle forward.

One little bit at a time.

I think of tonight and me urging the little ones forward. Pulling them along… Trying to keep them in line and they moved -little by little.

That’s how I see Him with me. Urging me. Pulling and tugging along. Trying to keep me in line with Him. Not veering. Not looking back. Moving forward.

I love such sweet little lessons He reminds me of.  ❤