by Megan&Matthew

I scroll down on my Facebook feed to see photos of friends in pretty dresses, news on the latest Apple products, and various photos of meals… Articles from various pastors and writers that I respect… Dating couples, engagements, wedding photos, and statuses about family…

Life. Love. Faith. 

Scroll down some more on the same Facebook feed and another article on a bombing. Pakistan.

A jet averted over hijacking…

And… Another suicide bombing. This time, outside of my region. Yet only a few short hours away…

Photos emerge from a recent beheading in my country… The murders hands and clothing, drenched in blood. A photo before of the victim, neck outstretched… Bared. The knife biting into his throat.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.26.08 AM.png

“How am I supposed to reconcile my life?” 

When the silence is deafening, I whisper to the only one who will hear me tonight. I take comfort in the fact HE hears my every word.

Oh how I want to go back… To escape this mess. This evil. To cover my eyes and ears from these awful, horrid things…

But oh… How much more I want to stay! To wade into this mess. To see peace and hope cover this land… To outstretch my arms and open my hands to the needy. To remain here and live my life among these people…

I say a tearful plea to the Father… For the family of the man who was murdered… For the men beside, sitting in blood of their friend.

I struggle to “lift up” the man… The man holding the knife.

Close Facebook.


I hope my heart never hardens to the stories of these bombings and attacks. I hope it wrenches every time. I ask Him to continue to allow me to weep at injustice… At evil… And may the Father continually remind me that He is our hope and peace… No other source.

I ask this same request to the Father be made for you, my reader. 

Tonight, I’m thankful for my friends and family at home. Grateful for their homes… For their security. Hopeful as they begin relationships, marriages, start families… Have precious children -children I wish could remain innocent to the horrors of this world.

Joyful in their life, love, and faith. 

Then… “I lie down and sleep… For HE sustains me.”

(Psalm 3:5) 


I’m safe and doing okay, so no worries for me!

But please do lift up this nation… These people… The good ones, but also the evil ones. That they might know the truth!