The Road Home

by Megan&Matthew

I hate decision making -which I may have already told y’all once or twice.

I prayed.

I sat and thought things out.

I asked my co-workers for counsel.

But in the end, I decided to turn to Proverbs and I ended on chapter 4 -the wisdom chapter.

As I was reading there were three common themes that just kept sticking out to me: listen to wise, godly counsel, our Father is -obviously- sovereign, and just commit to the path He is leading.

Counsel says “Be blessed and go.”

Leading wise, I know Stateside is the obvious next steps and I’m at peace with that…

And so I decided I’m just going to commit this August to Him and I’ll be back home the very beginning of September.

Thank you all for praying with me and supporting me through this… I’m so grateful! ❤