Pray for Iraq

by meganjazelle

While living here in this region, I have had the privilege of seeing what other organizations are doing in the area. There is one in particular that I have come to have great respect for: Preemptive Love. Four years ago, I would hear about the heart surgeries they would do for children, but over the past few years they have expanded their organization. Now I also hear stories of relief work in the hardest of places and see them creating opportunities for employment with local refugee women.

While they operate in my city, they aren’t afraid to leave it. They go past check points, beyond our “safe” boarders, and reach the places few will travel to. They fall in love with the people and come back, spurring us on to love them too and encouraging others not to fear.

Today they posted a picture of Baghdad and the opening line to their caption was one I had to ponder:

“It’s tempting to think Iraqis must be used to all the violence by now.

But no, people here never get used to it.” 

Another bombing in Iraq… 

Honestly before coming to this city and region, that’s exactly how I felt.

I’m so ashamed…

How can anyone get used to living in fear? For themselves? For their loved ones? 

How can anyone get used to seeing shopping malls, bazaar stalls, homes, and various other buildings reduced to rubble and streaks of blood? 

How can anyone, myself included, hear of death and think “Oh, just another…”

Men who were husbands, grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles…

Women who were wives, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and aunts…

Children. Little boys and girls. Daughters. Sons.

25 to be exact from this last bombing.

250 Men, women, and children… All made in the image of God.

250. Each known, loved, and desired by our Creator.

How can anyone, especially Christians, hear of death and think “Oh, just another…”

People here never get used to it…. How could we!?

I pray for you, dear reader, and for myself…

That we would never hear of death or destruction and respond silently within ourselves “Oh, just another…” 

That we would never become callused to the evil of this world. 

That we would learn to mourn and weep with those who experience deep grief and sorrow. 

And lastly… That we would never shrink back from proclaiming truth and lasting peace. 

There is a dying world DESPERATELY in need. May He open our eyes to the urgency of this reality. 

In closing, I thought I would add one of my favorite songs by Audrey Assad: Death, Be Not Proud. It gives me hope, because one day “death will be no more.”