An Introduction to My Blog

“All the way He leads me.”

Five years ago, I began this blog with the excitement of an impending internship to the Middle East.  As a sheep was to a shepherd, I followed… And my He was ever-so faithful. I fell in love with the people and the culture, but there was an abundance of darkness here. People without hope, pain from the past, and plenty of hate. In the midst of all of this, He helped me see and I realized that the needs here could only be met through Him. So I decided to be obedient and follow Him there!

HE did amazing things that year, but He is still at work in my life today. I graduated from Toccoa Falls College with a Cross-Cultural: Adult Education Bachelors and after a year was able to move back to the Middle East. It’s been month after month of His faithfulness, joy, and provision. Sadly, soon I’ll be moving back Stateside. Though there are so many questions and such few answers, I still sing cheerfully the lyrics to my favorite hymn:

“All the way He leads me. Who have I to ask beside? How could I doubt His tender mercy? Who through life has been my guide?”

He has lead me and throughout the years He has proven time and time again that He is faithful and that His mercies are new every morning. Therefore, I will continue to wade in the unknown. If you want to journey with me, please feel welcome to check back monthly.

Soli Deo Gloria,


 “You lead me and keep me from falling. You carry me close to your heart and surely, Your goodness and mercy will follow me… All the way He leads me…”